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1931, Born in Hubei, China
1947, Study oil painting at Wuchang Arts Institute
1953, Teach at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Sculpture "Soldier" won Awards.
1959, Participated in an exhibition in Moscow, Russia.
1963, Graduate degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1964, Associate director of the Sculpture Department, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
1978, Professor, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

  • Member of China City Sculpture Committee
  • China Sculpture Society
  • Hubei City Sculpture Artistic Director
  • Fable sculptures exhibited at China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing
  • Participated in a joint exhibition with Taiwanese artists
  • Some of Liu's sculptures were selected for exhibition in Africa and Latin America
    1985, The "Yellow Crane Coming Home" sculpture won First Prize of Excellent Design & Creation of China National Arts & Crafts Hundred Flower Award
  • Design "competition, peace and friendship" won Third Prize of China Fine Arts Exhibition on Athletics.
    1987, Granted the "Master of Arts and Crafts".
  • " Blindman and Elephant" and "Brother Hunters" won the Best City Sculpture Award in China
  • Invited to visit major US cities and awarded "Honorary Citizen of Minneapolis".

1990, Eight of Liu's fable sculptures at the EastLake Park of Wuhan won the highest artistic award in Hubei, "the Chuyuan Art Award".